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Science :: Fun & Easy Science :: More Fun
Builder's paradise MEGA Builders
Circuit circus Tricky Circuit
How Stuff works Lazer Maze
Model Topple Maths with Blocks
Maths count Manipulative Maths
Know yourself Better Robo Fundoo
Machine Regime Machine Regime II

Science: Fun and Eeasy

An assortment of simple activities on capillary action, forces, weather, static are made easy and fun for the kids to do and learn.

Builder’s Paradise

As the name suggest, the kids are taught to build simple structures imparting basic engineering.

Circuit circus

Fun filled interesting activities on static electricity and electric circuits are taught.

How Stuff Works

These activities are about the science behind the things that we experience or see every day around us.

Model Topple

A set of dynamic activities on the basics of building models.

Maths Count

The fun filled way to learn the otherwise boring addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

Know Yourself Better

These tasks are about self-awareness which gives the kids a better knowledge about themselves.

Machine Regime

Kids learn the concept and ways to build machines.

Science: Fun and Eeasy

This program is designed to introducesimple machines in a hands-on manner.Assembling this kits allows the child to understand the mechanism of force and pressure and how it can be applied in making difficult task easy.

Mega Builder

This program introduces the children to more complex structures and the techniques, design and science used in building them.

Tricky Circuits

The children learn about Practical experiments on LED lamps, Fan, Buzzer, heating filaments and motors, the components such as Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, Transformer, Transistor, sensor, Tips and technique of soldering and de soldering, concepts of Motor and much more.

Lazer maze

The children are introduces to lazer, maze and strategic thinking. The lights may make it seem like magic but the children learn the science and brain power needed to direct lazer light through series of mind challenging mazes. This ignites the critical thinking process of a child’s creative brain.

Maths with Blocks

The complexities of maths are made simple with help of blocks to easily understand, analyse and solve difficult mathematical concepts.

Manipulative Maths

The children learn to perceive mathematical concepts by manipulating objects that are mathematical in nature. It enables children to learn mathematics in a developmentally appropriate way.

Robo Fundoo

The Children learn about various robots like solar power robot, windmill, pick and place robo, obstacle detector robo and so on. This will enhance their skill for designing and planning Problem solving Independent Thinking to build their own robot.

Machine Regime II

As the name suggests, the children learn the concepts, ways to build and the science behind building complex machines.