How can you give your children an interesting, fun-filled, educational, memorable and incredible Birthday party they ever had?

The answer is quite simple! Give your kids the gift of a science themed Birthday Party!

Science isn’t only educational, it is fun and magical. Your kids will have one of a kind birthday that is both scientific and dreamlike and will leave your kids awe inspired.

The party is designed to maximize fun, frolic and science. It is filled with several exciting events and theme based activities to provide a unique experience for your kids.

So what do you have to do?

2 Simple steps :

Choose from the below 4 interesting themes.

Fill your kid’s birthday with 60-120 minutes of pure fun, magic and amazing memories with science.

Magical Alchemy

This is a bubbly birthday party themed on CHEMISTRY that is sure to fill your kids birthday with mind-boggling activities like Super science Bubble, Erupting volcano, Ice cube Fishing, Invisible Ink, Swirling milk to name a few.

Force Funda

A Birthday party themed on FORCE based activities is all you need to make the party exploding with joy and cheer. It includes activities like Tea bag rocket, Fountain coke, Canister Rocket, Color changing carnation and more.

Blaze Amaze

Want a mesmerizing crackling birthday party? Be charmed by the enchanting flickering FLAME themed Birthday party. Enthrall your kids with activities like Flame colors, Flame light-relight, Fire proof balloon, Smoke fall and more.

Magneto Mania

You cannot refuse the attractive pull of this birthday party themed on Magnetism. Entice your kid’s attention with activities based on Magnetism like Magnetic slime, Fortified cereal and more.