STEM @ TechKidz

STEM at TechKidz provides high-quality Expanded Learning Time programs (before and after school, summer and winter breaks) to bring STEM benefits to our school students. It supports efforts to increase knowledge gaining through various practical application of the four basic disciplines in the form of fun activities.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between school education and the real world when it comes to “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics” through integrated, practical, application oriented education.

Techkidz focuses Areas

The curriculum at TechKidz is formed to cater the needs and requirements of the young curious minds through activities that are fun, child interactive, interesting, provides hands on science experience and invokes critical thinking and creativity. All sessions are led by experienced science enthusiasts and the activities are taught with personal attention to each kids.

Basics physics

Children are aware about their surrounding and the way it functions but are always curious about the science behind them. The Basic principles of Physics are taught in an engaging way, encouraging more questions and thoughts from the kids, through applying them in simple fun activities based on capillary action, force, speed, pressure to name a few.

Electronics circuits - Kits based

The concept of electricity is remarkable and the Kids always find electricity fascinating. The questions such as what is electricity and a circuit? How does electricity pass from one point to another? What does static electricity refer to? Are explained with the help of simple child friendly Kits.

Game theory

What is fun without Games? Though kids are excited about games, they also need the knowledge of the science and strategy behind playing to excel and be a top player. The course includes what is a game? What is strategy and why it is needed? How are intelligent decisions made?

Structure modeling

In general Kids love to build things. In this course, Kids learn the concept of ‘How’ than ‘why. This course introduces basicengineering concepts required for building structures as the kids learn to build simple models.

Aero modeling

Aeroplanes and Aircrafts are marvellous inventions. Kids are enchanted with the idea of flying. What could be more interesting than to learn - What are aircrafts? How do they fly? How are they designed? What are aircrafts made of? What is the concepts of aerodynamics? How to build a model of plane or aircraft?

Heavy vehicles model building

Driving like flying is of immense interest to kids. Kids love to play with monster trucks racing with each other with their loud boom sounds. As the name suggest, the kids learn about heavy vehicles, ways to building heavy vehicles models and the science in the process of building the models.

Team work

In today’s world we are required to work in teams and in groups to accomplish and succeed at a given task.Be it Game play, construction or model building, team work is of utmost importance in today’s practical world to excel in a task.Kids are encouraged to work in groups on various activities intended to impart team building, working in teams and being a successful team player by cooperating and sharing. These knowledge can go a long way in the success of the kids in the chosen career and profession.

Practical economics skills

Like any other skill, the skill in managing one’s economy is very important. Kids often know the value or importance of money but does not understand the mechanism of how economy works. The answers to questions like what is Money? What is economy? How does money contribute to economy? How to manage one’s own money? Are learnt through simple and easy activities.


Who does not like a robot? The machine impersonation and automation of a manual task interests and intrigues everyone, especially kids. The course enables kids to learn the basics of Robotics. They learn to design and programme robotic models. This Hands on experience can open your child’s creative window leading to unexplored avenues in the field of robotics, which is expected to be the future.