STEM Summer camp 2015

"Grab the interest of your kids and make science and technology their favourite playmate"
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STEM 4 Kindergarten - (Age : 3-5 years) Duration : 30 hours

Young children are avid STEM investigators, eager to explore and invent things on their own. They are natural scientist, perfect time to develop science & technology skills for them. This camp gives them an assortment of science activities which are fun to do and learn.

  • Shocking science
  • Maths count
  • Robo Fundoo
  • Model topple
  • Magneto mania
  • Magical ice
  • Water tricks
  • Laser Maze

Game Designing - (Age : 6+years) Duration : 20 hours

Amazed on how your favorite games were designed?? They can easily create their own stories, games and animations. Scratch is a platform that promotes mathematical and computational skills as well as creativity, reasoning and collaborative working.

Milestone in science - (Age : 6-8 years) Duration : 10 hours

Kids will know about famous scientists and inventors, like Archimedes, Copernicus, Einstein, Watt, and Darwin, as you reproduce their ground-breaking experiments. Read about each scientist and their times, what they did and how they did it, and then see it yourself firsthand! From the Stone Age to modern times, the history of science comes to life in front of you.

Electronic Concepts

This course focuses on the providing insight into the world of electronic for kids. They will be testing the different electronic components and techniques involved in soldering them.

Level T20: Age : 6-8 yrs Duration : 10 hours

  • Electronics Fundamentals
  • Concepts of Electricity
  • Circuit building
  • Multi-meter functions
  • Windmill powered street light

Level F2: Age : 9-10 yrs Duration : 20 hours

  • Nitty-gritty of electronics
  • Testing the components
  • Soldering techniques
  • Circuit building
  • DC motor & generator
  • Working in PCB
  • Project designing

Level ENS2: Age : 10+ yrs Duration : 20 hours

  • Electronics fundamentals
  • Functions of components
  • Soldering technique
  • Circuit drawing
  • Circuit building
  • Electromagnetism concepts
  • Building DC motor/generator
  • Working in PCB
  • Solar energy concepts
  • Project designing


Kids will have fun while learning basic structures, sub-systems and equipment used in robotics by applying the fundamentals of maths and science concepts. This will enhance their skill for designing and planning Problem solving Independent Thinking to build their own robot.

Level T20: Age : 6-8 yrs Duration : 20 hours

  • Fundamentals of robotics
  • LEGO mindstrom EV3
  • Basic programmable robot
  • Solar robotics
  • Building fun robots

Level F2: Age : 9-10 yrs Duration : 20 hours

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Robot mechanism
  • Sub-systems of robot
  • Sensors & Actuators
  • Obstacle avoider robot
  • Assembling & dismantling
  • Simple programmable robot
  • Designing & building robots

Electro – Magnetism

Kids will be learning the concepts of electricity and magnetism through hands-on experiments. They will be exploring the concepts of current, voltage, resistance, magnetic field, magnetic forces, etc.

Age : 6-8 yrs Duration : 10 hours

  • Principles of electricity
  • Fundamentals of magnetism
  • Building of electromagnets
  • Electromagnet applications
  • Building DC motor/generator

Structure modeling

This course involves training the students to create the models based on creativity. Building up of basic shapes, models, simple machines, vehicles, etc will be taught as a part of training. They will also learn about designing the models with accurate measurements.

Age : 6+ yrs Duration : 20 hours

  • Making basic shapes
  • Simple model building
  • Heavy vehicle modeling
  • Concepts of gear & axle
  • Operating the models
  • Constructing 20 models


This program is designed to introduce hydraulics and simple machines in a hands-on manner. Assembling this kit allows the child to understand the difference between force & pressure and how fluid pressure can be applied to lift heavy objects and how linkages work.

Level F2: (Age : 9-10 yrs) Duration : 20 hours

  • Basics of hydraulics
  • Applications of hydraulics
  • Pascal law
  • Properties of air & water
  • Forces & Simple machines
  • Magical with dry ice
  • Building models

Level ENS2: (Age : 11+ yrs) Duration : 20 hours

  • Basics of hydraulics
  • Applications of hydraulics
  • Pascal law
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Generation of hydraulic energy
  • Mechanism of Hydraulic motors
  • Hydraulic machines
  • Designing a project

Certification in Mechatronics for kids

This program is designed for kids to build and program their own solutions. Kids will be exploring more on electronics, mechanics, programming to design the vehicle and more. They are encouraged to build and program a working model on their own.

Age : 10+ yrs - Duration : 8 Months

  • Fundamentals of Electronics
  • Testing the components
  • Soldering techniques
  • Mechanicals concepts
  • Sensors & Actuators
  • Robotic fundamentals
  • Robot building
  • Line follower robot
  • Obstacle avoider robot
  • Project designing